7 Things I Learned as a Tech CEO

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7 Things I Learned as a Tech CEO

I was hired to be CEO of a B2B tech player which had just been commercialised out of a University in Australia with seed investment of c£250K from a boutique London investment firm. I was UK Country Manager for SPSS at that point. Why me? Well, I’d previously ran UK Sales for Autonomy, the 1000 lb. gorilla in their market … Read More

Plate Spinning During a Cap Raise

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plate spinning in a small cap raise

For a bootstrapped entrepreneur, raising equity finance can be a daunting, all-encompassing affair. Even if you have got to cash flow positive going into the process, that can quickly change as you become a slave to the cap raise process and inevitably take your eye off the revenue generating process you’ve got going. There’s also a tipping point where you … Read More