Sherpaing – The Act of Being a Sherpa

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Sherpa carrying equipment

This post covers the what and why of Sherpaing, as opposed to coaching.

To do that we need to start with our own ‘why’, meaning our purpose. Our strapline is ‘Helping B2B Bootstrapped Entrepreneurs Succeed’. That’s our focus, our passion, our purpose. We don’t do later stage B2B companies (too ‘corporate’) nor B2C (much as we admire the efforts of B2C entrepreneurs) because we don’t understand B2C so well.

We help in three ways: hiring your first [successful] Sales person; lead generation services; and Sherpaing.

Focusing on Sherpaing and expanding the mountaineering analogy: whereas a coach might give you a trail map, a Sherpa makes that climb with you, highlighting the shortcuts and pitfalls along the way. It’s a journey we’ve made before – the anecdotes provided on this site such as notes on a cap raise are all based on real life experience.

In practical terms that means bringing that experience to bear by getting involved in your business, for example, for a day a week and, in addition to providing guidance on how to accelerate growth and avoid pitfalls, actually doing stuff.

You need help with marketing, we do that. Need us to fill in on a sales call? No problem. Need support with a hiring process? Reviewing or preparing a cap raise deck? You get the picture. Even better, as we get to know your business we’ll be increasingly proactive in highlighting activities we can deliver that accelerate your growth.

All for an agreed fixed fee and without any kind of term commitment. No surprises, just delivering growth value to your business.

To find out more about our Sherpaing services, please contact us using one of the methods in the left hand sidebar.

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